About us

The word “county” I have learned, I think, before I could walk. I was born and raised in Russia, where it is treated with particular trepidation. Perhaps that is why products from flax surrounded me since childhood: I remember my mother’s linen dress, which she really went on, elegant tablecloth, which is in the family set the table for special occasions, my favorite rag doll, which had made for my grandmother.

I spent a lot of time in the countryside and very well remember the feeling of morning freshness when barely awake, runs out of the house to meet the sun on the field, strewn with sky-blue flowers. Now, as an adult, I often dream of the flax fields, and for many years I have carefully kept linen things sewn grandmother. In them the warmth of her hands, and my childhood – happy and touching moment.

Before, I often asked myself what makes people happier? Now I know the answer -Love and health of our families, the beauty of the world, pleasant memories, festive atmosphere, cozy and comfortable things. Things that seem to be made by nature.

Things that can hold small stories such as mine. I missed them when I moved to the United States. And I lived a dream for a long time to share with the world their love of nature and naturalness associated with the idea of a permanent human desire for comfort and comfort, care of health and beauty. Quite by accident, I remembered the word of the child – “Flax”.

So there was a project Vikolino.